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MJGUEST - Web 2.0 Free Professional Guestbook Free

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PHP Script Codes > MJGUEST - Web 2.0 Free Professional Guestbook
WHAT IS THIS? Not a forum-like bloatware, not a tiny tag-board, but a real Web 2.0 Guestbook.
PHILOSOPHY: The free professional guestbook for everyone! User-friendly, Powerful, Reliable, Stylish. No php skills required.
KEY FEATURES: SetupUtility (install, upgrade, remove, usage tutorials) + Many functions are automated in background + Settings affect also old entries + Strong Input control, Swearwords censoring, AntiSPAM, CAPTCHA, AntiFlood, AntiBot + Administrator and Moderator accounts + Approve / Delete / Reply / Edit entries on-the-fly + Private entries + automatic IP Banning + website Rating feature + RSS feeds + multi-Database (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, XML) handling multiple installations + Interface: 2 Utf8 Layouts (embedded/popup) + Graphic Themes + auto-detection: Language (multiple), Country, Flag, Local time + thumbnailed Avatars + easy Emoticons management + "new entries" email Notification + W3C standard-compliant (xhtml/css) + PHP5 OOP coded.