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PHP Script Codes > @lex Guestbook
@lex Guestbook is an extremely powerful guestbook which adapts automatically to all PHP configurations.

Its functionalities are very numerous and without equivalents. Look at the demonstration version.

Principal functionalities :
- Automatic installation, choice of the name tables to creation,
- Graphic interface very easily personnalisable with a skins system,
- Webmasters can show the latests posts messages with a javascript code,
- Send of automatic thanks messages,
- Webmaster can answer to the messages,
- Database gestion in the administration panel : optimization, safeguard, restoration,
- Optional limit in the maximum number of characters in a message,
- Validation optional of the messages before their final publication,
- Show countries flags,
- Smiley integration,
- Management of censurable words,
- IP addresses banishment,
- Search engine,
- Visitors can allot a note to the site,
- Javascript encoding of the URL,
- The principal skin is valid XHTML.