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zFeeder Free

Rate: | Price: Free | Demo: | Views: 16851

PHP Script Codes > xml-php
PHP script used to display other's news on your site. It reads, caches and then displays remote RSS (RDF) files.
Supports RSS 0.9, 0.9x, 1.0, 2.0 and you can customize through it's templates the appearence on the site, including: channel n ... More

PHP-XML Weather Free

Rate: | Price: Free | Demo: | Views: 14999

PHP Script Codes > xml-php
This is a sample to illustrate how one can use PHP and cURL to access an existing XML feed for US weather. It grabs both current conditions and a nine day future forecast based on the zipcode that one enters. Unlike a lot of other PHP weath ... More

CaRP: Caching RSS Parser Commercial

Rate: | Price: Commercial | Demo: | Views: 14911

PHP Script Codes > xml-php
Convert RSS feeds to HTML. Easily display news from other sites on your site, or convert your RSS feed to JavaScript for others to import. Supports RSS 0.91 thru 2.0. Many options for formatting output. Caches for quick redisplay. Works wit ... More

BENRUTH Instant RSS/XML Feed Reader Free

Rate: | Price: Free | Demo: | Views: 14810

PHP Script Codes > xml-php
Reads RSS/XML compliant news feeds via a client-side Javascript Script Include in your web pages! Configure the source of the news feed via a single configuration file. Simple, free and easy to use!


- Use a clie ... More

xml2tree Free

Rate: | Price: Free | Demo: | Views: 13179

PHP Script Codes > xml-php
This project is effectively a library class for reading/writing/displaying XML documents, for manipulating them in memory by adding/deleting/changing attribute values
and child nodes, and for extracting specific nodes from larger XML objec ... More

Free PHP RSS to HTML Free

Rate: | Price: Free | Demo: | Views: 11475

PHP Script Codes > xml-php
Free PHP RSS to Content Reuters the HTML it retrives from multiple RSS feeds. It accepts up to 5 feeds you give it, combines the feeds together, shuffles and inserts your preset number of listings from the feeds into your HTML for spiders ... More

eZ xml Free

Rate: | Price: Free | Demo: | Views: 11427

PHP Script Codes > xml-php
eZ xml is a DOM XML parser written in 100% PHP that is compatible with the libXml DOM parser. eZ xml will parse well formed XML and return an object tree. It will report errors if the XML is not well formed. ... More

xml22 Free

Rate: | Price: Free | Demo: | Views: 11219

PHP Script Codes > xml-php
This PHP4 code parses an XML document into a multidimensional array. The parser recognizes and processes almost all of XML, including processing instructions, general or external entities and notations. In addition many functions are provid ... More

playRSSwriter Free

Rate: | Price: Free | Demo: | Views: 10794

PHP Script Codes > xml-php
playRSSwriter is an easy php script that allows you to write a rss feed on your website with support for embeding images in the feed itself, like the rss feeds from Flickr. Supports the Yahoo MediaRSS especification and RSS 2.0 with images ... More

pxWeather Free

Rate: | Price: Free | Demo: | Views: 10726

PHP Script Codes > xml-php
pxWeather (PHP-XML-Weather) gives you easy access to National Weather Service forecasts and current conditions for integration into your PHP application. To improve performance and decrease load on the XML data source, pxWeather can cache w ... More

Feed2Html Free PHP Script Free

Rate: | Price: Free | Demo: | Views: 10709

PHP Script Codes > xml-php
Feed2Html is a free PHP script that converts data from RSS to HTML. If you already have an RSS feed, just install this script to your site. You will be amazed how convenient it will become to publish news. The Feed2Html script updates web-p ... More

MiniXML Free

Rate: | Price: Free | Demo: | Views: 9763

PHP Script Codes > xml-php
MiniXML provides a 100% PHP API to parse and generate XML. It is comprised of a set of PHP classes that allow you to access XML data and create valid XML output with a tree-based hierarchy of elements. MiniXML does not require any external ... More

ZebraFeeds Free

Rate: | Price: Free | Demo: | Views: 9269

PHP Script Codes > xml-php
ZebraFeeds is a web-based RSS/ATOM aggregator.
With ZebraFeeds, you can aggregate news from your subscribed newsfeeds into one or more pages.

ZebraFeeds can be integrated on your web site or your blog with minimal efforts and high leve ... More

QuickHP Free

Rate: | Price: Free | Demo: | Views: 8884

PHP Script Codes > xml-php
QuickHP is a kind of content management system with a new approach. It uses XML and XSLT to provide a compatible source format and very different target formats. The user interface allows comfortable file handling and features like file his ... More

Easy PHP News Free

Rate: | Price: Free | Demo: | Views: 8614

PHP Script Codes > xml-php
This script will allow you to add multiple live XML news feeds to your site. You can choose any of the feeds available at Moreover and the script will display a short listing in a box that you can place anywhere on your site. The box also g ... More