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IP Hider Obscure Any URL Free

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PHP Script Codes > miscellaneous
This PHP script provides such features as: IP hider, Obscure Any URL Anonymity, connection lores, obfuscation, and corporate survival.
This script is based on the article found at http://www.searchlores.org/obscure.htm. ... More

The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding Commercial

Rate: | Price: Commercial | Demo: | Views: 10848

PHP Script Codes > miscellaneous
The ultimate in online genealogy, with PHP/MySQL. Simple & advanced searching, pedigree, descendancy, report generator, GEDCOM import/export, admin interface & more. Protect private data with user rights. Link photos & documents ... More

TinyPortal v 0.9.8 Free

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PHP Script Codes > miscellaneous
Features of Tinyportal
Articles and frontpage

Articles- are pages within SMF that can contain any html code you want or even PHP code. You can control several visual options such as displaying blocks or not, showing the title and much ... More

Web Mirror Free

Rate: | Price: Free | Demo: | Views: 10653

PHP Script Codes > miscellaneous
A simple to use script that will allow a user to go to any website with the server hosting this to be the go between. This acts much like a remote proxy in that the site you are on cannot tell what is your real ip. However this script will ... More

CrisoftRicette Free

Rate: | Price: Free | Demo: | Views: 10218

PHP Script Codes > miscellaneous
CrisoftRicette is a PHP4 application to store your cooking recipes in a MySQL database. You can browse through the collection, print a recipe and much more. Also prereleases of upcoming 1.0 version with lots of new features and improvements ... More

SEO Toolkit Commercial

Rate: | Price: Commercial | Demo: | Views: 9237

PHP Script Codes > miscellaneous
Get a collection of powerful yet easy-to-use 12 world class online SEO tools to attract more traffic to your website. Use these tools to give an extra feature to your users or to attract repeat visitors and genuine backward links. Get tools ... More

GPLTrans Free

Rate: | Price: Free | Demo: | Views: 9200

PHP Script Codes > miscellaneous
GPLTrans is a PHP-based translator which uses machine translation to translate text to a foreign language. Currently supported languages include English, German, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. It uses MySQL for storing and processing word ... More

SNEAK (Snarkles.Net Encryption Assortment Kit) Free

Rate: | Price: Free | Demo: | Views: 8316

PHP Script Codes > miscellaneous
This is a simple script that allows you to enter text into a web form and easily convert to and from several different encryption/encoding/obfuscation methods. Currently supports ASCII <-> binary <-> hex, DES cry ... More

CamDate PRO: Dating & Community Orientated Flash Voice / Webcam Chat Commercial

Rate: | Price: Commercial | Demo: | Views: 8146

PHP Script Codes > miscellaneous
CamDate is the next generation of Multi-User Chat software; beyond text messages, it provides rich communication through compressed streaming Audio and Video. CamDate lets your users interact easily in an elegant, multi-room chat environmen ... More

binary-to-text (and back) converter Free

Rate: | Price: Free | Demo: | Views: 6834

PHP Script Codes > miscellaneous
This is a simple, "just for fun" program that lets you insert text into a form and convert the characters to their binary equivalent (e.g. 01100001) and back again. ... More

CyberBrau Free

Rate: | Price: Free | Demo: | Views: 6711

PHP Script Codes > miscellaneous
Cyberbrau is a Web-based program to help the homebrewer. It allows for very simple and intuitive beer, mead and cider recipe creation, and it automatically calulates all the pertinent information based on the selected ingredients and schedu ... More

OpenRealty RSS Feeder Free

Rate: | Price: Free | Demo: | Views: 6635

PHP Script Codes > miscellaneous
This is a simple add-on script to OpenRealty, a free web based listing management application for real estate web sites, which provides an automatic RSS 2.0 feed by simply querying the MySQL based database for details. The RSS feed is broke ... More

phpmyfamily Free

Rate: | Price: Free | Demo: | Views: 6540

PHP Script Codes > miscellaneous
A dynamic genealogy website builder which allows geographically dispersed family members to collaborate on research and share images/document transcripts etc. Now boasting GEDCOM file import and export, pedigrees and translations. ... More

Time and Weather, On Your Site Free

Rate: | Price: Free | Demo: | Views: 6309

PHP Script Codes > miscellaneous
Show your website visitors the current Time and Weather conditions in your favorite country or state. Includes temperature, conditions, and a clock with local time. Many international and US locations available. Time and Weather is hosted a ... More

finetable Free

Rate: | Price: Free | Demo: | Views: 6132

PHP Script Codes > miscellaneous
finetable is a PHP script that generates tables with rounded corners. No need for extra graphic files: finetable is all in one. Includes the option to change background color, size of corners, and use styles. ... More