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JpGraph Commercial

Rate: | Price: Commercial | Demo: | Views: 119140

PHP Script Codes > graphs-charts
JpGraph is a OO Graph drawing library for PHP4 as well as PHP5. Highlighted features: Supports both text, linear and log scale for both X and Y-axis; Supports image maps; Supports anti-aliasing of lines; Background image; Supports color-gra ... More

FusionCharts Suite XT - Industry leading charting solution in JavaScript (HTML5) & Flash Commercial

Rate: | Price: Commercial | Demo: | Views: 64191

PHP Script Codes > graphs-charts
FusionCharts Suite XT helps you create stunning charts, gauges and maps in a jiffy for all your web and enterprise applications. Using it, you can build awesome dashboards, reports, analytics, monitors, surveys and more that blend aesthetic ... More

HTML-Graphs (PHP) Free

Rate: | Price: Free | Demo: | Views: 39177

PHP Script Codes > graphs-charts
Use the BAR_GRAPH class to create horizontal / vertical bar graphs, progress bars and faders. You can create simple graphs and even grouped bar graphs with legends, add labels, change colors etc. No graphics or libraries (GD etc.) required. ... More

Advanced Graphs and Charts for PHP Commercial

Rate: | Price: Commercial | Demo: | Views: 38477

PHP Script Codes > graphs-charts
Add Powerful reporting features to your Web / Intranet pages and applications. With advanced graphing you will be quickly adding impressive and dynamic charting capabilities bringing your data alive ! The PHP graphing scripts provide a ve ... More

phpChart Free

Rate: | Price: Free | Demo: | Views: 37332

PHP Script Codes > graphs-charts
phpChart is a PHP4 class package derived and hacked from advGraph to generate charts in Flash4 SWF format. It allows you to generate scatter, line, column charts in FLASH format. The Ming PHP extension to SWF is used in this class package. ... More

GDGraph for PHP Free

Rate: | Price: Free | Demo: | Views: 33176

PHP Script Codes > graphs-charts
Do line, pie and bar graphs from preformed arrays with GD and PHP. ... More

DynaGraph Free

Rate: | Price: Free | Demo: | Views: 27205

PHP Script Codes > graphs-charts
DynaGraph creates dynamic graphs based on data selected from a database query. Using PHP, DynaGraph accesses a MySQL database, and uses the results to plot information to a bar graph in the GIF format, using gd1.3. ... More


Rate: | Price: Free | Demo: | Views: 24606

PHP Script Codes > graphs-charts
PHPLOT is a PHP script for creating Dynamic Scientific, Business, and Stock Market Type graphs. Written in PHP and supports,
PHP3, PHP4, TTF (or no ttf), and GD versions 1.2 - latest version. It includes Pie, Bar, Line, Area, Point and com ... More

Libchart Free

Rate: | Price: Free | Demo: | Views: 24491

PHP Script Codes > graphs-charts
Libchart is a free chart creation PHP library, that is easy to use. It can generate bar, line diagrams or piecharts.
It is compatible with PHP5 (compiled with GD and FreeType) and requires no other dependency. ... More

PHPGraphLib - Lightweight PHP Graphing Library Commercial

Rate: | Price: Commercial | Demo: | Views: 22783

PHP Script Codes > graphs-charts
PHPGraphLib is a PHP 4.3+ friendly object-oriented script that has powerful customization features, allowing you to generate the perfect graph for any web site or application. Best used with dynamically data, PHPGraphLib allows easy visual ... More

ChartDirector (PHP Edition) Commercial

Rate: | Price: Commercial | Demo: | Views: 20515

PHP Script Codes > graphs-charts
ChartDirector is a fast and powerful charting component for creating professional and clickable charts. It's unique layering architecture enables you to synthesize the charts you want using standard chart layers. ChartDirector's comprehensi ... More

Graph Drawing Class Free

Rate: | Price: Free | Demo: | Views: 19594

PHP Script Codes > graphs-charts
This is a PHP Class to draw graphs. Line, Point, Area, and Bar Graphs are supported. Legends, shading, and zero-axis support. Output is highly configurable. Refer to examples for illustration of use. Requires GD and TTF support. Tested on P ... More

2D Bar graph Free

Rate: | Price: Free | Demo: | Views: 17420

PHP Script Codes > graphs-charts
Bar graph allows you to draw online 2D graphs or save output into GIF image. For input you have 3 arrays: array with names of X axis, array with column values, and array with RGB code for column color. It requires GD library. ... More

Graidle Free

Rate: | Price: Free | Demo: | Views: 17033

PHP Script Codes > graphs-charts
Graidle can be used to generate several types of graphical diagrams.
There are several classes specialized in generating histograms (also horizontal) ,spider, pie and line (also filled) charts, is possible to customize easly many visual as ... More

Sparkline Free

Rate: | Price: Free | Demo: | Views: 15440

PHP Script Codes > graphs-charts
Sparkline is a specialized graphing library designed for creating small, intense, wordlike graphics. Sparklines are the brainchild of Edward Tufte, noted expert in information design. ... More