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File Manager (formerly Invision Power File Manager) Free

Rate: | Price: Free | Demo: | Views: 130066

PHP Script Codes > file-manipulation
Invision File Manager is a comprehensive File Manager built from scratch. Features: Easy to install; Customize File Associations; File Editor; Multi user support; Language Pack Support; Online File Archiver; MySQL Manager; Apache password p ... More

ES Simple Uploader Free

Rate: | Price: Free | Demo: | Views: 81991

PHP Script Codes > file-manipulation
ES Simple Uploader is a very small and simple non-MySql password protected file upload script. You can select upload dir, set its password and upload file. No need any tools or databases. It is a PHP based file upload management system cre ... More

MultiPowUpload - Flash multiple files and images uploader  Commercial

Rate: | Price: Commercial | Demo: | Views: 76886

PHP Script Codes > file-manipulation
MultiPowUpload is easy client-side solution that can be used to perform file uploads from a user machine to the web server. MultiPowUpload is a Adobe Flash control supported by most browsers and needs just Flash player plug-in at client sid ... More

Sciretech Multimedia Manager - Worldwide Number 1 Commercial

Rate: | Price: Commercial | Demo: | Views: 65520

PHP Script Codes > file-manipulation
Sciretech Multimedia Manager is a professional multimedia file manager. It offers file hosting, file sharing, uploading, downloading, one-click-hosting, creating and editing of files online. Upload multimedia content and play and view it di ... More

Cwfm Free

Rate: | Price: Free | Demo: | Views: 51999

PHP Script Codes > file-manipulation
Cwfm (Comet WebFileManager) is a complete Web-based file manager with Explorer-like interface. Features: Multiuser with per-user configurable permissions; Multilingual support; No database required; Context menu in file and tree area; Easy ... More

MyUploader Commercial

Rate: | Price: Commercial | Demo: | Views: 50888

PHP Script Codes > file-manipulation
MyUploader is a Java Applet for uploading multiple files to an ASP.NET, Perl/CGI, PHP, or Java web server via HTTP. The easy to use uploader has advanced features from drag and drop to folder upload. Even uploading files of 2 GB is possible ... More

HTML_ToPDF (PDF on the Fly) Free

Rate: | Price: Free | Demo: | Views: 47453

PHP Script Codes > file-manipulation
Printing webpages is great, but every browser renders a page differently. This can cause problems if you need to be able to print a page that looks the same no matter what platform or browser is being used. Additionally, PDF files can be se ... More

Mega File Hosting Script Commercial

Rate: | Price: Commercial | Demo: | Views: 46473

PHP Script Codes > file-manipulation
Mega File Hosting Script(MFHS) is an advanced File Hosting and Sharing Script that allows your customers to upload large files to your server and email the file download link to themselves and other email recipients. With MFHS, you can setu ... More

phUploader Free

Rate: | Price: Free | Demo: | Views: 45877

PHP Script Codes > file-manipulation
phUploader is a very simple script for uploading one or many files or images to your website. You can specify the file types accepted, file size and even control the file name. This script was build with PHP5 in mind and is not platform dep ... More

ES File Upload & Download Manager Commercial

Rate: | Price: Commercial | Demo: | Views: 45785

PHP Script Codes > file-manipulation
ES File Upload & Download Manager v2.9 is a PHP based file/download/upload management system created for webmasters to allow members, users and guests to download/upload files from your website with ease. You may specify the location fo ... More

PHP Navigator Free

Rate: | Price: Free | Demo: | Views: 45396

PHP Script Codes > file-manipulation
Web based free file manager in PHP & AJAX. With WIn XP style view & navigation! The script is simple yet powerfull. Features include zip file extraction, download folder as zip, online WYSIWYG editing, multi-file uploads, thumbnail ... More

Simple File Manager (SFM) Free

Rate: | Price: Free | Demo: | Views: 43480

PHP Script Codes > file-manipulation
Simple File Manager (SFM) is a web based file management utility. It is designed to be used by those that don't want to or SHOULD NOT use ftp. It can be dropped into a specific directory and give access to that directory as well as any dir ... More

GentleSource File Download Free

Rate: | Price: Free | Demo: | Views: 42799

PHP Script Codes > file-manipulation
GentleSource File Download enables a website owner to offer file downloads of any file type on the website. The script can be used in two ways. First you can use it, if you want to hide the real path to your download folder on your web ser ... More

PHP Easy Downloader V2.5 Free

Rate: | Price: Free | Demo: | Views: 40102

PHP Script Codes > file-manipulation
PHP Easy Download is a FREE, easy to use and convenient download script. Simply drop the script into the directory where the download files reside. The script does the rest of the work.

PHP Easy Download will thumbnail jpg images, rea ... More

FileManager Free

Rate: | Price: Free | Demo: | Views: 39074

PHP Script Codes > file-manipulation
Use this application to manage files and directories on your webserver or any FTP server. You can create, rename, delete and move directories, upload, download, edit, rename, delete, move and copy files, and change file and directory permis ... More